It’s costly denying self. It feels like cutting off a limb when we understand that we need to give up the right to nurse hurt and resentment. It’s also a real test when we  trust God by stepping over the line. Then we have to shed all that we think we have the right to hold on to. 

This is my third blog teasing through leaving hurt behind, and I have been wrestling with God over all of this. It’s difficult really letting go of negative emotions, and I’ve been hesitant removing the bricks from the walls I’ve built around myself. It’s my protection and my fortress, but it doesn’t fit in with forgiveness and grace and love. So the wall needs to be demolished. It may have to be brick by brick, I’m not sure if I can cope with a stick of dynamite which will blow the wall up instantly. 

I’m beginning to see that if I do this I won’t lose out. I know that I will gain. I’ve had glimpses of joy that only forgiveness brings. it’s about trusting and obeying without knowing the outcome.

It’s a bit like swimming in the sea. For me it’s always an excruciating process. I hate being cold and I stand waist high in the perceived freezing water. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to get my shoulders under, but once I do, all perception of freezing cold has gone. It feels wonderful and liberating and I wonder  why I didn’t just take the plunge and do it sooner.

Going God’s way will always be like that. Once we shake off everything that holds us back and take the plunge and trust God, we will know freedom and liberty and joy and fellowship. 

Praying that God helps us in and through the hard situations that we face. That we follow his lead and not our own. Then we will be led into green pastures where the quiet waters are. He will then restore our souls. 

2 thoughts on “Taking the plunge!

  1. Goodina

    Life in the spirit is always costly but is also the path of true joy. It makes me think of Jacob wrestling with God and for ever afterwards limping his way through life. Yet God is gracious and gives his blessing . I so love this verse.Genesis 32:28 Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”
    What an encouragement. We inevitably bare some scars but God uses even those for his great purposes. Praying for so many blessings and much encouragement for you.



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