It’s been quite a year for us all as a family. If someone had told me last September how my life would pan out over the weeks and months to come I would never have believed them.

I am reading a book by Paul Tripp which a friend sent to me. The book meditates on psalm 27. This morning I have been reading verse 14 which says:

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

I have found waiting hard. I want instant solutions to my problems. I crave instant fixing and everything to be righted now. I want hurt to be wiped away like wiping chalk off a blackboard. I want to feel settled now. I want a sense of purpose for the future now. I am hating the consequences of all that’s happened, and I long for good to be born out of bad. I want God to do this now. I hate waiting.

Paul Tripp says:

“The one on whom we wait is the dissatisfied Messiah. He will not relent, he will not quit, he will not rest until every promise he has made has been fully delivered. He will not turn from his work until every one of his children has been totally transformed. He will continue to fight until his last enemy is under his feet. He will reign until his kingdom has fully come. As long as sin exists, he will shower us with forgiving, empowering, and delivering grace. He will defend us against attacks and will attack the enemy on our behalf. ….he will not rest from his work until every last microbe of sin has been completely eradicated from every heart of each of his children.”

While we wait, God is refining us. He is teaching us many things as a family and will eventually bring us all through.

There are struggles and hurts and moments of overwhelming pain, but I thank God that he is at the helm. I am waiting for him to work in our lives as a couple to bring about great beauty. This has to be the case because my husband is fully committed to giving his whole life over to God and is now not keeping anything back for himself.

Grace will triumph, God has won the victory. God will work in our hearts so that his beauty will be displayed once more. God will make us useful and make us like himself because he is working and will not relent as he will bring glory to himself.

It may be that he is teaching us the hard lesson of contentment in waiting. Only God knows the plans he has for us. It’s actually not my business to know what’s in store, but I pray that we know contentment in our circumstances which will grow us as we learn to wait upon Him.

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